Hi! My name is Megan and I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) and an Emotional Support Coach.  I utilize an array of approaches that give me the flexibility and readiness to approach your concerns head on.

I created The R.E.C. (Reflect, Evolve, Conquer) Center for Coaches, Athletes, and CEOs who are looking to improve and strengthen skills necessary to succeed in life, business, and in the gym/field.

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Therapy Services

Now and again life can throw us curve balls and we are overwhelmed with the emotions of anxiety & depression that cloud your day to day routine and you don’t know where to turn. I help overworked, overburdened, burnt out coaches & athletes reclaim their life and their joy for the work they do. You’ll learn how to find balance, when and how to say no, how to set boundaries, and how to recharge. 

Coaching Services

You are very clear on the changes you need to make in your life to be the best version of yourself. You desire immediate change &  are ready to put in the work that it takes to reach your goals. We will work intensely to get real about dedication, resiliency & the hard work needed to achieve the level of greatness you want in life.

Speaking Engagements

As a coach I had to make a lot of speeches to my players to fire them up for games. I love engaging with large crowds and intimate audiences. I would love the opportunity to speak to your group about making mental health a priority and how it will help in the game of life. If you are a coach, administrator, club team, CEO or AD of a university: I’m your one stop shop for anything regarding mental health & mental support.


Transforming the Approach on Mental Health

I specialize in working with athletic coaches, athletes, and parents to manage their mental health during these hard times. I want to help transform and normalize mental health within the world of athletics. Being coachable to change means individuals are:

  • Open to looking within themselves
  • Interested in the process of growth
  • Willing to change their behavior to get a different/desirable result

My Journey to The R.E.C Center

When I was a kid, I spent most of my days at different REC centers. My dad loved to hoop.  He took  me and my brother everywhere he went to play. It was so much fun watching him and hanging out with other kids that were watching their parents play. As I  got older, I would go to  REC Centers to play in my own pick up games. My competitive drive was fierce, and my will to win was high. Although the playing was my main focus, other aspects of working on myself afterwards were just as important. I would lift weights, swim, take fitness classes or just sit in the sauna to recover and unwind. Having access to everything I needed in one place is what made this experience so enjoyable and fulfilling.

Why Megan?

There is no one in the game of Therapy and Mental Health Coaching that has my background and experience. I am a triple threat: educated, player/coaching experience & mental health experience.You will be working with someone who gets the grind of being a player/coach at the highest level. Here are my stats:

Highly Qualified

• B.A. Psychology: Minor Sociology
• M.A. in Clinical Psychology: Marriage & Family Therapy

Experienced Coach

15 years of Coaching experience from Division 1 to High School as a Head Coach/Assistant Coach/Volunteer

• College Conference Championship
• College Conference Tournament Championship
• 3 NCAA Tournament Appearances

Athletic Grind

• 4 year collegiate athlete
• Most Rebounds in a Single Session
• Argonaunt Award Winner

Mental Health Knowlege

Over 17 years of experience as an intern, Licensed Therapist, & Mental Support Coach in community mental health & private practice.

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