About Me

My love of athletics has carried me to so many amazing places. Its pretty remarkable how an orange ball can open you up to experiences you never dreamed of. Because of this orange ball I have had the opportunity to pursue my passion to help others & coach young people in the sport I grew up playing.   I played as a student-athlete, but professionally have had the opportunity to coach/be a part of staffs from high school ll the way down to Division I. It’s been an amazing journey!

For as much as I’ll always love participating in athletic activities, I have decided to make a professional shift.  A shift that is a transition into who I have become along this journey.  

Like many people in this lifestyle, being an athlete/head/assistant coach doesn’t make up everything that I am. I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend.  I’m educated, having earned both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree. I am a woman of color. I’ve recovered from multiple injuries in my career (2 ACL surgeries within 1 year of each other) & I have suffered a career ending diagnosis that has made me pivot into a new venture. I pride myself on being well rounded & that I never put all my eggs in one basket (professionally…lol).

All these experiences combined have given me a deep passion for helping others through the emotional rollercoaster rides in their lives. Being a holder and a confidant to the struggles of others is an honor that I take very seriously and have the credentials to provide the necessary support: I am a Licensed Therapist, an Emotional Support Coach and a Teacher.

So why choose The R.E.C. Center? Similar to the REC centers I grew up loving because of all they had to offer, I want to be your R.E.C. Center but for ALL your emotional mental fitness. At the R.E.C Center:

  1. You will Reflect on what has gotten between you and the success you want
  2. You will Evolve into the person you want to be
  3. You will Conquer your challenges, whether they are in or out of your sport

I have walked the path on which you walk today! I have been an athlete and 

a coach at multiple levels and know what it takes to succeed.

Put trust in me and I will put you on the road to the success! I will give you the tools to achieve your dreams!

My roles as both player and professional college coach, coupled with my overall love of an athletic lifestyle provided me a unique lens to TRULY understand: team dynamics, sources of motivation and how life-stress can affect a person’s performance in ways non-athletes/non-coaches would not understand.

My Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology: MFT, has provided me the educated lens to help you understand the psychology of what’s gotten you stuck along your journey whether it be through therapy or coaching.

When you work with me using my straight-forward approach, you will receive practical and performance-changing answers that will help you perform in/out of your sport. I will use strategies that will help you overcome what may appear as immoveable objects today to pursue the highest performance levels to achieve your goals tomorrow!

Let me be a part of your team today!!!