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I want to help transform and normalize mental health within the world of athletics. Being coachable to change is asking one to be open to looking inside themselves, being interested in the process of growth & changing their behavior to get a different, more desirable result.

Coaching Packages


You know you need change but not sure what to work on or how to go about it? Whether you  are an athlete struggling with emotions that get in the way of performance or a coach dealing  with a huge obstacles that cloud your decision making in/out of the game. We will take a look at those obstacles & learn  new ways/tools to address those concerns so you thrive. Let's work together to get you back in the game of life. 

(6 Sessions) $1500

3 months • 2x per month • 60 minutes per session
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You are very clear on the changes you need to make in your life to be the best version of yourself. Wanting immediate change &  wanting to put in the work that it takes to see those changes in life has you motivated to put in the work. We will work intensely for 3 months to get real about dedication, resiliency & the hard work needed to achieve the level of greatness you want in life.

(9 sessions) $3500

3 months • 3x a month • 60 min per session
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Once your goals have been achieved and we both feel you are ready for less frequent  meetings, this package is for those that want ongoing support to hit your goals.


(6 Sessions) $2000

1 x 90 min. session per month for 6 mo.
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EAP Alternative for
Small Businesses

The Emergency Assistant Program (EAP) allows an organization to offer its employees the opportunity to see a mental health professional for a limited number of sessions at no out-of-pocket expenses to the employee. 

I will not only customize the EAP to meet the needs of the organization but will also work hand-in-hand with the organization to ensure that its employees are made to feel completely at ease and at home as their go through these sessions.

Addressing job-related stress benefits both the organization and the employees. The employees feel ‘seen’ and more importantly valued as human-beings and not just as employees. In many organizations, regardless of size, the personal touch can sometimes be lost if not completely forgotten. The EAP addresses this and lets employees know that they are not alone and the organization does care. Happy employees, without a doubt, affect the bottom-line of any company. Please call me if you require any more information.

Therapy vs. Emotional Support Coaching

  • Therapy processes past pain points or traumas to help gain insight and deep understanding to experience long lasting changes. 
  • Therapy treats ongoing mental health struggles that can be a long-term process.
  • Therapy dives deep into the past, asking the client to look inside themselves at their mental and emotional processes. 
  • Therapists examine clients’ past to give explanation to their current behaviors. This can be helpful for those struggling with anxiety and depression.
  • The hope with therapy is to resolve past traumas so one’s future can be brighter without the past road blocks.
  • Coaching is a more defined process. We work on what is affecting you here and now to help carve out the path for you to meet your desired goal.
  • Coaching is investing in the outcome. It can be an ongoing process if the the client feels it’s necessary but majority of the time there is a determined end date with skills being acquired to improve one’s current behaviors.
  •  Coaching may touch on past experiences to give explanation to current behaviors but ultimately the focus is on the present and future.
  • Coaching is more directive with action items for the client to complete outside of session. Success is measured by those specific behavioral outcomes.


Covid threw us all for a loop but especially athletes and coaches. So much has been taken away and you have so many emotions: anger, sadness, numbness, bitterness, and anxiety to name a few. You ask yourself all the time “what do I do now?” You don’t have to do this alone. Let me be a part of your team today!

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